Help Me Sell my timeshare?

I have a timeshare that I am wanting to sell. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can do this? Can anybody recommend a website or company to help me sell it?


  1. Right now it is very hard to sell a timeshare. Forget about a company to help you sell it. Most if not all all are scams. They will charge you $2000-$5000 to take it off your hands but in the end after they get your money you never hear from them and nothing transfers. Depending on what you have and if it is paid for in full you might try to put it on ebay. You can also list it on in the classified section or bargain basement section. good luck.

  2. You can try to sell it on websites that have many timeshare owners as visitors like, and You’ll pay a small fee to list your timeshare for sale. Timeshare owners are the best people to resell a timeshare because they already know the value, and they don’t need the hard sell sales tactics used at timeshare resorts to buy.

    The only issue is if you have a timeshare that is not necessarily desirable or its not priced right. Then, you’ll end up waiting for a buyer that may never show. In the meantime, you’re out another maintenance fee and potentially on the hook for a special assessment bill.

    You may want to look into a timeshare transfer company aka timeshare relief company. For a fee, they will transfer the timeshare out of your name so that you are not financially responsible for the timeshare any longer. Do business only with companies that have been in business for over 5 years (the longer the better). Also, check out their websites. If the owners and staff show who they are, that’s a BIG plus. It demonstrates that they are proud of what they do and put their names out.

    The industry is rife with scams unfortunately. But there are some good guys out there regardless of what anyone says.

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