does anyone know the best way to rent my timeshare week?

I have a 1 week vacation planned at Atlantis and can’t go – it’s 6/29 – 7/6 and the resort says I can rent it to someone else – has anyone done this?


  1. You could list your timeshare here free

  2. go with this site or ebay. I have one too and will be doing the same. Good luck

  3. As long as you don`t pay money upfront for the rental service you will be fine.
    You can post for free on this websites and get results:

  4. I see auctions all the time on Ebay for people who are selling their timeshare weeks. They usually get a pretty good amount depending on if it is a good vacation spot. You could also do it as a buy it now so you wouldn’t have to worry about not getting what you want for it. Take a look at the auctions below to see what the Atlantis auctions look like. Good Luck! They seem to be selling for quite a bit.

  5. Here is another site with listing for Atlantis rentals and unit resales.

    Good Luck)

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