Top 5 Things to Avoid When Selling Your Timeshare

Alright, for everybody who has been thinking about maybe selling or renting that time that you have, but you don’t know where to start, this video will answer many of your questions.

Resale sales Pitch

If you haven’t been called yet, you probably will get one sometime in the future, especially if you have advertised you time for sale. Here’s a recorded call that will show you what to expect.

What area should I look for a vacation rental in San Diego?

I’m confused by the geography in San Diego. I’d like to rent a vacation home or condo for the week, but am unsure what area I should be looking in.

I was looking at Mission Beach area, but I’m getting the impression it’s sort of a party area. Definitely DON’T want to be in a party area.

Why do people who need a vacation the most, act as if they dont ?

I live in a resort area and am amazed by the thousands of people who will drive an average of 5 + hrs. to pick up a " free gift" (vacation) or discounted Amusement Park tickets at timeshare presentations.

When you add up the cost of gas, food and what they’ll spend when they use their "free gift", is it really FREE…..