Is Rossano, Italy a nice place to vacation?

I am a timeshare owner and have the opportunity to visit Rossano, Italy next summer. I am an American/Italian, but I don’t speak or comprehend any of it. I have visited Rome many years ago & absolutley Loved Italy. This time around, I’d like to bring my two teenage children. The resort is called "Eurovillage Club Nausicaa" Does anyone know anything about this area or resort? Which airport would I fly into……..I’m from Upstate New York?
Would you know which Airport in Rome to fly into from New York? I know there are two airports in rome.

Which hotel should I stay in Aruba?

I’ve narrowed it down to:
Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino;
Mariott’s Aruba Ocean Club;
Mariott’s Aruba Surf Club; or

I have many other options as it’s a timeshare deal. So let me know if you know of another good one.

Who knows about vacation homes in Orlando, Fl?

I’m lookin for a vacation home in the orlando, Fl area, for about 1 week (7days) from 28 June to about 4 July. Any where from a 2 bedroom it can be a condo or apartment or a house, I need a good price…HELP