timeshare info now

You can call me T.I.M, which stands for Timeshare InfoMan.

After 25 plus years working in the timeshare industry, I have seen it all. I have seen people buying time that they could not afford and I have seen the product benefits grossly exaggerated in some cases, but I have also personally met and done business with hundreds and hundreds of people that are enjoying their ownership and having the kind of vacations with their friends and family that they could not have any other way.

Like any other large purchase, there is a lot to consider before you buy a timeshare and as in all things, information is the key to success. If the time comes to sell your ownership there is more to be learned as well. On this site I will share my years of experience with you, answer your questions and show you how to avoid timeshare scams plus your best options whether you are buying a  timeshare, selling a timeshare or you just need to know exactly what is a timeshare.

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