Buying Timeshare

Is a timeshare good for everyone?

Timeshare is not for everyone and there are timeshare scams, but if you buy at a location that you would love to return to every year, it works great. If you bought it to exchange as many do, then there may be better choices available for you. There are private condo rentals and travel networks that allow you to stay in these very same timeshare locations each year as much as you want, at a fraction of the original timeshare investment and without the expensive yearly maintenance fees.


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Should you buy a timeshare?

After spending the last twenty-five years showing people the benefits of buying timeshares, my best answer is it can be both a good or a bad decision.
It depends a lot on you and your vacation style and finances. I know that the vast majority of people who have timeshares are happy with this type of vacation ownership. I know this because for the last five years I have only dealt with people that already owned a timeshare and were interested in acquiring more time.  Millions of people all over the world have invested billions of dollars in timeshares and are glad that they did. So that’s the yes part of the answer.

My best advice

If you decide to get a traditional timeshare, my advice is that you buy one that is a resale. There is a very high cost to market timeshare and if you buy from the developer, you must pay for all those free gifts that the non-buyers received. Every timeshare being sold by the major companies today is available on the resale market for much less. You can find connections to resale brokers all over this site.

So, is buying a timeshare a good idea?

The short answer is it defiantly can be a good idea… If you know where you can buy one at a low price. But as it is with many things, the answer is not that simple. A lot of questions need to be answered and personal factors need to be considered before you can be sure that your decision is the best one for you and your family. Hopefully, this site can help answer your questions about buying timeshares and give you the information you need to make the best choice and save the most money. Do a search for your questions here. The chances are your answers are here already, but if not, join the conversation and we will try to help.

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