What website is the best for finding timeshares that you can use to vacation in multiple locations?

Hi, I know nothing about timeshares. I have always been interested but just now have the financial stability to be able to afford one. I specifically am only interested in timeshares that allow you to use it at multiple locations. I believe there are timeshares or programs available where basically you pay for 1/52 of a property and there are like 20 properties in a pool. each year you are in a group of many many people and you can select which property you would like to stay at. I would like something which includes the rockies in the US and possibly other countries as well. I am not rich…so something inexpensive would be best. I am extremely careful when it comes to purchases like this so don’t worry about me rushing out and buying something…but I need some resources. Can you please send me your favorite website links for these types of timeshares? Please only send a link if you really believe for sure it is the best site for looking for exactly what I’m looking for. I have a feeling there will be many links and I will be visiting them all through a google search. I will select the one that I feel as the best as my best answer after visiting all of them so that the other people that answer can visit the site as well and possibly get something out of this question too 🙂 Thank you so much!



  1. Goto http://www.timesharesocial.com this is a site for timeshare owners to communicate with each and leave video reviews.

    Also goto timeshareadventures.com and look up Worldmark by Wydham. This is the only points program that allows you usage any where. Also Worldmark is where you will find the happiest owners.

  2. Michelle Davis

    Timeshare User’s Group (TUG) http://www.tug2.net is a great website for information on timeshares from buying to renting. All the members are timeshare owners and very friendly and willing to help. You can read post about the different timeshare groups and trading powers. What owners like and dislike about their timeshares. It also has a buying guide, just everything you want to know about timeshares. Do Not Buy from a Developer. Buy from an individual or reputable resale. Good Luck finding your dream place.


  3. You are unlikely to find a single site like that, because each developer has its own system, and you need to buy time at an actual location in that system. This is mostly because of state regulation. Once you own the time in that location, you can trade it for other locations. There are some systems (Shell Vacations is one) where you seem to be able to just buy "points" that can be used anywhere.

    The reality with time shares, as many people have found out to their detriment, is that you should not buy one unless you mostly want to stay in the place where you actually have an onership interest. Trading is difficult, time consuming, and you will always get the locations left over after the local owners have chosen the best ones.

    We own three time shares in Hawaii, and actually use them, with some leftover time going for some trips to southern California and Arizona. We get treated well, we always get one of the units we want, and when we trade, we trade up, because Hawaii is a premium location.

    Make sure you really look into the truth of buying a timeshare unit just to trade. It is not a very good deal. You would be much better off renting the same units on a case by case basis rather than making a large investment and then not really having a place where you are an owner that you go to regularly.

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