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More Happy Timeshare Owners

Another in our look at the positive side of Timeshare. If you vacation regularly or if you want to, a timeshare can be a real asset, as these happy owners prove.

Happy Timeshare Owners?

Are there happy timeshare owners? Yes, there really are people who love their timeshare and some feel it is the best decision they ever made. The problems associated with timeshare come from the high-pressure marketing model that the industry follows. A lot of people get talked into something that doesn’t match their lifestyle or that they really can’t afford. But if you want to see what timeshare ownership is like for the right kind of clients, watch this review.


20/20 Investigates Timeshare Sales

Alright, for everybody who has been thinking about maybe selling or renting that time that you have, but you don’t know where to start, this video will answer many of your questions.